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Sample Pulse Connect Email

Christina Applegate is

"Taking Care of Business"

as Young Breast Cancer Survivor









People enjoy taking polls and seeing how they stack up with other poll-takers.

Pulse Polls, powered by social media polling company Wayin, gives users a dynamic, entertaining way of engaging a broad range of issues relating to their health and wellness. Each Pulse Connect email will contain three real-time visual polls.  Categories will include:


    Test your Health IQ

    Personal Satisfaction Survey

    Stat or App of the Week

    Weekender: fulfilling/healthy/mind-expanding activity. Poll takers can leave comments; the weekender that Pulse editors select as the most interesting/compelling is eligible for a gift certificate from a vendor partner.



Wayin's reporting engine, gives brokers, providers, and HR administrators insight into user behaviors, trends, as well as the efficacy of their communications and benefits programs.



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